Beginning of Wesley English Consulting

Wesley English Consulting is a dedicated English education company working under the motto of "Vision&Challenge." Our main goal is to challenge the youth and give them a better vision and future through English education. We believe the children are crucial assets for the future of the country. Thus, we try our best to offer them various opportunities, which can help them grow, better understand themselves, and help them set significant life goals as  a member of the global society. Since our foundation, we have invested a significant amount of time and money to provide students with a challenging atmosphere to allow them to grow. These efforts are being continued on a daily basis by all of the staff at Wesley.

Wesley English Consulting 

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Wesley Language School

Wesley Language School is located in Bucheon City, next to Seoul. We teach the four main skills of English: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Our school is enjoying a high reputation in our area due to our dedication to quality education. Students from our school have been admitted to Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, which is the best high school in Korea and some other famous foreign language schools as well. We are specialized in intensive programs for advanced learners, special essay writing and news listening classes. Our students range from elementary all the way up to college level-kids studying for TOEIC and TOEFL. Equipped with brand new facilities and computers, Wesley Language School is well known to students and parents alike as one of the best English schools in Bucheon City.

High School Exchange Program

This program puts Korean students in American public schools to study for 6 months or 10 months as an exchange student. WEC selects students and then sends them through North West Student Exchange Center, based in Seattle, Washington. As an agent of NWSE, it gives us great pleasure to give the youth opportunities to experience American culture and to improve their English skills.

Study Abroad Program

WEC places students who wish to study abroad in private middle schools or high schools in the U.S. Students can choose from either school dormitories or American host families for their housing. WEC locates suitable schools with reasonable expense for all interested students. In most cases, students who return from this exchange program can apply to continue their studies in the U.S.

Short term ESL language training

WEC arranges a short-term ESL programs to Calgary, Canada. This program usually goes for five weeks and consists of ESL classes in the morning and various activities in the afternoon and weekends. Students are staying with Canadian families and this gives them opportunities to practice English at home and learn different culture.

Work & Travel Program for College Students

WEC arranges a world and travel program for college students. They are hired to work part time or full time in America doing various types of jobs. CICD in Seattle sponsors the visa for these job seekers. Students who are in this program have a wonderful opportunity to experience American culture and language first hand by working and living in the States.